Friday, July 15

fragile moments

today is a fragile day
so I thought I would post this short video 
with my photos from the series 
 which was made for the festival 
Documentary Photography Days in Turkey

"Kırılgan Anlar" is the turkish name for it

Friday, July 1

all my relations

"All My Relations" is a selfportrait series. 

I wanted to picture myself through the portraits of others.
 So I photographed some of my friends, family members, relatives and other people who were present or appeared in my life at that time 
(the year of 2014):
I asked each person to sit for a photo, not telling them the purpose of it and not revealing my concept.
I told them to close their eyes and relax, while I prepared my square format camera.
When I was ready, I told them to think about me and our relationship.
To think about us, what we have together.
And I captured their reaction and expression.

In that way, in these portraits, I am looking at them but also looking at myself.
I am looking at the image of me created by their feelings, thoughts and sensations reflected in their faces.